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Owned by the Mahdessian family, Madame Paulette is a third-generation business—and long-time sponsor of The Couture Bridal Awards—that has been in operation for more than half a century. We wanted to find out what makes Madame Paulette the leader in the gown preservation industry.

What makes Madame Paulette unique?

It is not only that Madame Paulette takes unprecedented pride in our work, which is reflected in our impressive projects and our high-profile clients, but also our revolutionary techniques and processes and our meticulous attention to detail that makes us so successful.

What services does Madame Paulette offer to brides?

There is no relevant cleaning, tailoring and preservation service that Madame Paulette does not provide to brides. The organization prides itself on its unwavering commitment to be there for the bride before, during and after the most important day in her life.

Before: Madame Paulette can clean, alter or completely remodel any dress. Whether a delicate vintage creation or one purchased at a designer’s sample sale, Madame Paulette promises to make every gown like new—as if it were custom-made exclusively for the bride.

Madame Paulette soon will expand its flagship location in Manhattan. New amenities will include a lounge for brides and their wedding parties to relax while waiting for fittings, plus expansive dressing rooms.

During: Madame Paulette recently debuted a special “on-site” service that brings the expertise of Madame Paulette anywhere, any time, regardless of location. Whether a large, traditional wedding in an exclusive New York City club or a small, private destination wedding, Madame Paulette’s team of skilled craftsmen can be there as well.

Madame Paulette’s patented, portable stain removal kit has long been the must-have of every bridal emergency kit. This safe, portable, easy-to-use packet will help to stop any wedding jitters caused by damage or soil to a bridal gown on the big day Madame Paulette also has implemented a 24-hour
hotline to deal with any more serious apparel emergency that may arise.

After: Following the big day, Madame Paulette’s professional goal is to help brides keep their memories perfectly intact. Madame Paulette shipper boxes can be sent to any bride, anywhere—nationwide via Federal Express—so that the gown can be returned to Madame Paulette at no cost to her. Once the gown has reached Madame Paulette, it will undergo a thorough inspection and evaluation to dictate the proper cleaning method. Madame Paulette’s finely honed cleaning and preservation processes will restore any gown to its original splendor. The gown then is placed carefully in a museum-quality chamber and shipped back to the bride free of charge with the proper preservation guidelines enclosed.

Why should brides make sure to clean and preserve their wedding gown?

In the interest of maintaining the true color and integrity of the fabric, it is necessary to follow very precise procedures. Cleaning is always necessary as spills and soils may oxidize and evolve into permanent stains that are impossible to remove. If the wedding dress is merely hung in a closet under plastic, the bag can create condensation and the textiles would be subject to moisture damage. A cloth garment bag is not PH
neutral and can have an effect on the fiber and/or the color of the gown over a period of time.

What celebrity clients have had their wedding gowns cleaned by Madame Paulette?

Due to the unparalleled service and the in-depth knowledge of the most intricate couture designs, celebrities and high-profile clients always have constituted a major percentage of Madame Paulette’s bridal customers, including Kate Hudson, Melissa Etheridge, Liza Minnelli, Star Jones, Eva Longoria and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Brides “in the know”—including those who have every possible resource in the world available to them—select the premium services of The Madame Paulette Organization. This is why Melania Trump, whose $200,000 breathtaking John Galliano creation showcased 500 intricate pleats and 300 feet of silk satin, entrusted Madame Paulette with her irreplaceable couture gown before her wedding, on the day of her
wedding and after her wedding.