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November 2002

ask us

Q. Is it safe to use one of those
instant stain removal wipes on my
evening wear?

The name we’d trust for late-night disasters involving pricey cocktail attire is Madame Paulette. Its stain removal kits are new, but this couture dry cleaner has been a New York Institution since 1959. It’s the go-to fix-it for places like Sotheby’s, Vera Wang, and Versace. For these couture clients, Madame Paulette’s tireless team works late at night – sunlight might harm the fibers – wearing hazmat-like suits and dabbing like mad with Q-tips. It’s stain removal kits uphold their high standards, promise John Mahdessian, the company’s president: “They include the same agents we use on couture garments.” Thankfully, the process is a little easier. Instructions on the package tell you which sequence of the six numbered wipes to use, depending on which type of stain you’ve doused yourself with. (For the hysterical, a “single method” option is also listed.) And once you get your little black kit, keep it ready. “Time” says Mahdessian, “is the most important factor in successful stain removal.”