Professional Stain Removal Kit, September 2007

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Press Release

September 2007


New York based Madame Paulette Custom Couture Cleaners, an internationally acclaimed garment and textile maintenance establishment, has developed a professional stain removal kit for consumer use. For nearly 50 years, Madame Paulette has been recognized as the most reputable, custom couture cleaning establishment in the world and as the industry leader in fine cleaning, preservation, and restoration services. Sotheby’s, Barneys New York, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Vera Wang, Christian Dior, Chanel, Versace, and many other high end retail establishments will only entrust Madame Paulette with their finest garments. The world’s most famous cleaning establishment also maintains a client base consisting of a laundry list that reads similarly to a playbill of Hollywood’s most elite.

The Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit offers the same professional cleaning formulas they use when entrusted with the most precious and irreplaceable garments and textiles from around the globe. The stain kit was developed with the needs of the upscale traveler, hotel guest, and bride to be in mind.

The same professional cleaning formulas used to maintain and restore couture and vintage clothing, are available to the public in a safe, convenient and user-friendly package. Each Professional Stain Removal Kit contains individually packaged professional cleaning formulas as well as simple, easy to follow instructions. In addition, each stain kit contains three super absorbent cloths. The purpose of the super absorbent cloth is to transfer the stain-matter through the fabric and into the absorbent cloth making the stain removal process more effective.

Consumers simply follow the numbered instructions based on the type of stain to be cleaned. This portable, multi-use kit allows for the quick removal of a wide variety of stains. It remains a useful amenity for anyone needing to remove a stain quickly without the aid of a professional cleaner. There is sufficient cleaning power in each kit to provide many uses in situations where time or availability constraints necessitate quick action.

The Professional Stain Removal Kit is the ideal “impulse buy” or courtesy amenity product for various industries including fashion retailers, bridal salons, hotels, spas and even restaurants. Having the stain kit available, either as a purchased item or as a free amenity, provides an excellent means of serving your customers needs.

The Professional Stain Removal Kit can be customized to any specifications to promote any company, hotel or specific event. Customized options include use of your color scheme and pantone colors, logo, and trademark; in effect maximizing this products potential as a unique branding tool. As a portable, multi-use pack, the customized stain kit offers the opportunity to continually develop and reinforce brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Madame Paulette works with interested parties on scheduling short presentations to discuss a return-on-investment strategy based on the product’s appeal as a quick-turning, impulse purchase SKU. They will demonstrate the many uses of the Professional Stain Removal Kit as well as explain pricing, ordering and the marketing potential of the product.