Video: Removing a Red Wine Stain with John Mahdessian

John Mahdessian demonstrates just how easy it is to remove a red wine stain with an at-home remedy. Watch the full clip on Doctor Oz to get 20% off your Stain Kit order and complimentary shipping on 2 or more kits!

What’s the Secret to Removing Red Wine Stains?

JM- John Mahdessian, DM- Dorinda Medley, Dr. Oz

JM: It’s alright. So what we have here to remove, a home remedy, is, from the earth is, one part detergent, then we go one part, 2 parts water, you have a concentration here. And this morning you can use a Q-tip, what I’m gonna do is just dip, dip this in there.

Dr. Oz: You got a towel behind this.

JM: Ok. What you wanna do is, yeah. If there’s any excess, because any excess stain you wanna tamp it up. See? It’s right there.

DM: Make sure it goes in to the absorbent cloth.

JM: You always wanna put a cloth underneath it.

DM: Clean.

JM: Then you wanna just take this and you wanna tamp it on the stain. So notice the stain is disappearing right now.

DM: Tamp never rub.

Dr. Oz: What’s the word you use there? Tamp?

JM/DM: Tamp it.

Dr. Oz: Tamp it?

JM/DM: Yeah.

DM: You know how you usually rub?

Dr. Oz: I’ve never heard the word before.

JM: You can see it go in to the absorbent cloth right there. And that’s as simple as it is.

Dr. Oz: I like this!

JM: The most important thing in stain removal is time. So the sooner you could treat a stain…