The frequency of dry cleaning a suit depends on how often it is worn. Madame Paulette technician J. R. Riley, who has over 50 years of experience, recommends sending suits to Madame Paulette every 2 – 4 wearings, as dust, dirt and air pollution embedded in the fabric can weaken it. Make sure to send the jacket and trousers to Madame Paulette at the same time to ensure that color and quality remain consistent.

In between cleanings, one should take important measures to preserve quality and durability. Store suits no longer in use in breathable garment bags, using cedar (not mothballs) to repel insects. Wrinkles can be minimized by letting suits rest at least 24 hours (48 for flannel and tweed) between wearings on padded or shaped hangers, with room for the fabric to breathe. Always remember to empty suit pockets, remove any belts or braces and zip and button all closures to maintain your suit’s shape.

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  • Client: Image by William Wilson