Ink and markers

Depending on the material and type of ink (oil-based, water-based, glue-based), these types of stains can be very difficult remove at home, and as the expert, do not recommend too many home remedies. It is best to use the professional Madame Paulette Stain Kits or to bring into the professionals.

The most common ink stains come from ball point pens, and are oil based.

Whether out of at home, grab a white absorbent cloth and place under the stain.

Nail polish remover is known to work on some fabric, not all. HOWEVER, DO NOT — USE ANY TYPE OF NAIL POLISH REMOVER on synthetic fabrics such as rayon, acetate, polyester.
If your fabric is made of the fabrics listed above, use the following solution:
4 PARTS WATER (5 oz)



1 PART COLOR SAFE DETERGENT – like Ivory Liquid (1 oz)

Then use the q-tip or rag to lightly tap on the stain, which will push it through to the cloth underneath, and rotate the absorbent cloth as the stain comes out.

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