Furs are among the most delicate materials. Highly susceptible to many environmental conditions, they are safest during the warm months in Madame Paulette’s climate- and humidity-controlled fur storage facility. During the winter, keeping one’s furs at home at under 50° Fahrenheit within 50% humidity is not always possible, but there are precautions one can take to minimize damage when not in storage. Avoid heat, light and humidity, above all, and be cautious about friction, pests and chemicals, including perfume, hairspray and makeup. Hang furs in cool, dark and dry closets, leaving breathing room around the fur. Make sure the closet is warm, but has no heat vents, to prevent freezing and thawing. When transporting to and from Madame Paulette, please be sure to keep furs in breathable cloth garment bags.

  • Categories: Leather, Suede and Fur
  • Client: Image by Sandra Gore