Every girl needs at least one cashmere sweater in her wardrobe, and when things happen like a pull or a snag or a moth – it’s important to take care of it so you aren’t left out in the cold!

Start with the matching color thread of the sweater, sew from the inside by grabbing the thread from the bottom (the idea is to not have it show from the top) While having the least amount of stitching to go through the cashmere.

It is important to have a soft hand and pull when you are using this method. You are doing this to close the hole and not make the material tight.

A few more important facts:

1. Because wool has a high propensity to shrink, it is not recommended for one to clean wool garments at home unless she has time to carefully monitor the garment throughout the process, because leaving it unattended for too long will mostly likely result in shrinkage.
2. Much like fur, there are varying degrees of softness of wool, but each type of wool should be cleaned in the same manner. Obviously, like fur, wool should be cleaned sparingly as each cleaning could change the texture and softness of wool. The most expensive the wool, such as cashmere, the more sparingly it should be cleaned.
3. Regarding cleaning wool, there are some important facts to remember. Wool + water + heat= shrinkage. Wet wool or heated wool respectively won’t shrink a garment but add water and a heated drying cycle, and the garment will shrink, because water and heat together will enable a mechanical reaction; hence why monitoring the garment closely is needed.
4. A simple wool sweater is easy to clean. Embellishments (beads, rhinestone, emblems, chains, patches) and embroidery make a garment more difficult to clean. Buttons, such as one on a cardigan, can also make a garment more difficult to clean as most buttons are not meant to be put in any type of cycle. Most crack and some even melt! MP either puts Velcro on the buttons to ensure their safety or on more difficult pieces will take the buttons off and sew them back on to maintain the integrity of the garment.
5. If you do find your garment has shrunk, there are ways to bring it back to life. Wool garments can be saved using Tension Machines. Not all dry cleaners may have them, but the process “re-blocks” the garments and stretches them out to the normal state. If the shrinkage is less than two inches, a tension machine should return the garment back to its original state. More than two inches may make it harder to return to its original state.

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