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Posted on January 31, 2015 Under About Us

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The world of fashion, past present and future, will always consist of sophisticated tailoring that include fine and delicate fabrics, intricate beading, appliqués, embroidery, and other fragile hand craftsmanship that requires expert care and handling. This is why Madame Paulette is the custom couture cleaner of choice around the world.

There is simply no other resource that can boast the wealth of knowledge that Madame Paulette has. Whether for evening, business or casual attire, or something as special as your wedding gown, Madame Paulette will always be the most trusted name to rely upon when faced with any garment question that may be causing you uncertainty. This is precisely why the most reputable designers and retail establishments around the world choose to recommend Madame Paulette to their own valued clientele.

Our dedication to our clients and John Mahdessian’s own personal vision for the company has developed Madame Paulette’s client roster into a “Who’s Who” of the fashion, bridal, and entertainment worlds. Apparel houses such as Hermes, Carolina Herrera, and Vera Wang; corporations including Bergdorf Goodman and Trump International Hotel and Tower; and high profile clients including Anna Wintour, Kelly Ripa, Barbara Walters, and Sting, all depend on Madame Paulette for superb care of their garments and Interior home textiles.

Each year, the dry cleaning industry is faced with increasing challenges as designs become more intricate, and new, innovative fabrics are developed.

This can present a variety of difficulties in the care and cleaning of textiles. Madame Paulette and its skilled team are equipped to meet these challenges, continuing to set the pace for its field. Each item is meticulously cleaned, no matter how large or how small the job may be. Whether a client brings in a borrowed blouse that met a glass of merlot, or a family heirloom rescued from an attic, Madame Paulette’s unprecedented dedication meets the needs of all its valued clients.