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MADAME PAULETTE: The Couture Fashion Doctors

Article by Lillian Langtry

Luxury and couture connoisseur John Mahdessian is the president and CEO of renowned cleaning and restoration organization Madame Paulette. The flagship boutique located at 1255 Second Avenue on the Upper East Side is famous for maintaining the world’s most illustrious wardrobes and iconic pieces. including those belonging to Princess Diana, Sir Winston Churchill, Meryl Streep, Beyonce and Anna Wintour. At the helm of the cleaning and restoration industry, Madame Paulette has held the position of being the finest custom couture cleaners in New York City since 1959. The third-generation family-owned company was founded by John Mahdessian’s great uncle to honor his wife, French Courtier Madame Paulette. To maintain her couture pieces, John’s great uncle would travel to Paris, France for exclusive cleaning and restoration services. Deciding the trek was no longer worth the trouble, he decided to build the luxury cleaning business at home. Sixty years later, John Mahdessian has grown the family business into a global enterprise, becoming a cornerstone of the couture fashion industry.

Highly trained garment experts at Madame Paulette clean, restore and tailor client’s expensive, embroidered clothing items that an average cleaner may not accept nor can clean. Services include: bridal, vintage & couture, designer apparel, leather, suede plus fur maintenance, interior cleaning, restoration, as well as, accessories and other special services unique to client needs. Travel without luggage by utilizing the Destination Valet service, which offers the ability to have clothing picked up from anywhere in the United States, cleaned, pressed, custom packed and shipped to any destination in the world. After a comprehensive analysis and consultation, the team of specialists will make all necessary arrangements to ensure efficiency, convenience and satisfaction with any of Madame Paulette’s special services.

The Interior Cleaning & Restoration Service offers the same premium quality for custom interior textiles and home furnishings in your residence. including textiles within yachts and private planes. Madame Paulette expertly cleans, restores, and protects textiles and furnishings to ensure that belongings are well cared for, and that your home is kept free of dust and pests, restored after water, fire and smoke damage or treated for air purification and ionization.

John Mahdessian has adopted Madame Paulette’s patented process and
proprietary formula into a safe and easy to-use Professional Stain Removal Kit. When something spills, drips and stains, the unique, eco-friendly formula cleans the finest apparel and textiles. The Professional Stain Removal Kit is a perfectly sized gift, or a must-have amenity at any capacity; for interior spaces or clothing items.

For companies and offices looking to boast brand recognition, the Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit is also a unique branding tool when emblazoned with company logos. Stains are unforeseeable, and your company’s custom designed Professional Stain Remover will rescue cherished items for clients, customers and stakeholders.