Johnny on the Spot

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The Hampton Sheet

We all have enjoyed long weekends here in the Hamptons, and, sadly, it’s winding down. Soon many will be overwhelmed with the task of closing up their homes for the winter with as effortless a transition as possible, so we want you to know the incredible cleaning and restoration services of the Madame Paulette Organization.

Most of you are personally familiar with Madame Paulette’s unparalleled reputation for the care and maintenance of its clients’ designer apparel. However, that is not where the company’s expertise ends! Its Interior Cleaning and Restoration division has been commissioned to maintain the interior textiles within residences of celebrities, dignitaries, and even royalty! Its client roster is proof that it is the best in the industry. After all, “Donald Trump will only trust the delicate gold textiles aboard his Boeing 727 to Madame Paulette’s team of highly skilled craftsmen,” says John Mahdessian, president of the company. The results speak for themselves.

One might even say that they are miracle workers. Case in point is a situation in which Mahdessian was called to give his personal evaluation at a private townhouse in Manhattan. The walls within this home were upholstered in a unique, delicate silk fabric. The fabric was used throughout the entire floor, coordinated with the elaborate rugs and carpets; but most important, the material could not be matched or replaced. Unfortunately this beautiful upholstery had undergone severe water damage and the oxidation had created unsightly large yellow stains throughout.

Initially the owner had his interior design firm assess the situation with a price estimate of roughly $500,000 and a minimum of six months to complete all necessary work!

John Mahdessian was extremely confident in Madame Paulette’s unsurpassed ability to restore the material in part due to his pioneered techniques and innovative processes. John estimated that it would take his skilled craftsmen only two to three days to finish the job, for $10,000-a fraction of the cost he was originally quoted.

The owner was ecstatic to give the Madame Paulette Organization the opportunity to restore the fabric, and immediately commissioned John to take on the massive project. True to his word, within 48 hours, not only did John’s team of experts eradicate the ugly yellow water stains from the intricate silk/satin fabric, but 20 years worth of accumulated dust was removed from all the upholstery padding-subsequently going as far as to restore the natural sheen to the satin finish! Madame Paulette did such a superb job that it was virtually impossible to distinguish which upholstered fabric wall panels had even been affected! This is why John Mahdessian-often referred to as Johnny on the Spot-is considered the “chief surgeon” of his industry. And with a reputation like his, it is no wonder he is entrusted to care for some of the most irreplaceable and highly valued pieces in fashion history. This includes the gowns once worn by the late Princess Diana, which were auctioned after Mahdessian had fully restored the collection.

Not only are Madame Paulette’s results and employees frilly insured and bonded, but the organization has the highest restoration rate of smoke, fire and water damage apparel and textiles. They also work closely with leading architects, interior designers and insurance companies, assisting them with their clients’ specific needs. They can even store your wardrobe in their climate-controlled storage vault which includes a digital catalogue!

If there is anyone with the knowledge and experience of properly cleaning, storing, and maintaining textiles, it doesn’t get any better than Madame Paulette.