Destination Valet

  • Pick-Up & Deliver To/From Anywhere in the World
  • Including Interior Furnishings
  • Coordinate with Concierge
  • Clean, Pack & Ship Worldwide

Travel can be the most valuable and fulfilling of all luxuries when accommodations and arrangements are executed in advance. The hassle of carrying and handling luggage and also the inconvenience of added security at the airport can take away from this wonderful experience.

The Madame Paulette Organization is proud to present our newest addition to our premium luxury services making travel more convenient and pleasurable than ever. Destination Valet offers you the ability to have your clothes picked up from anywhere in the United States, cleaned, pressed, custom packed and then shipped to any destination in the world.

Imagine traveling without luggage, arriving at your destination and having your personal items already there waiting for you. We will make all necessary arrangements with you and your concierge or associates.