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By David Lion Rattiner | September 2009

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the extraordinary effort rendered in detailing the interior of Mr. Trump’s Boeing 727 aircraft…” – Michael F. Donovan, Director – Flight Operations, The Trump Organization.

As with all things in life, achieving excellence in any field or profession breeds success. Madame Paulette is what Tiger Woods is to golf, or Michael Jordan to basketball. For Madame Paulette their game is textile care and they are the masters of their domain. Whether it is a yacht, house, plane, boat, leathers and furs, wedding gown, designer apparel, home furnishing or anything else that is valuable, expensive and important to you, Madame Paulette is where the best of the best of New York, and even the world dare to take their one of a kind pieces.

As far as what the business does, the owner of the company, John Mahdessian, explained it best, “My job is to keep the world spotless, one spot at a time.”

But it is the excellence and the service of his company that shines through. Mahdessian handles it all, from million dollar estates, to dresses and gowns worth hundreds of thousands, to museum pieces. His team can restore, prepare and clean anything, anywhere at any time and his reputation speaks for itself. Besides his celebrity clientele, even the top insurance companies call on him. His techniques are as sophisticated as his business. Mahdessian explains that, “Insurance companies who are insuring high net worth individuals who suffer a loss from damage call us for full restorations. In some cases for example, a rug worth $100,000 might be damaged from a flood and the insurance companies call us to restore the rug back to its original condition. I’d say in the case that items that thought to be unsalvageable, 90% of the time are salvageable when they come to us.”

The professionalism of this company is astounding, and their success is 100% tied to the performance and quality of the work that they do, but also to the sophisticated techniques that they employ. They do what is thought of as impossible by competitors, putting the company in its own league. Founded on the principle of excellence over half a century ago, Madame Paulette has achieved the status of being the finest custom couture cleaner in the world. Located in the heart of New York City, the name has reached many clients in the Hamptons.

Mahdessian’s business is known to serve internationally renowned couture designers, retail establishments, celebrities, dignitaries, corporate executives and high-profile VIPs. One can only imagine what a day in the office is like at Madame Paulette, but I got a taste of it while interviewing Mahdessian over the telephone, “Just a second Dave, can you hang on a second? What’s that? Eva Longoria wants to wear that gown? Make that happen, yank it out of the window.”

Apparently Eva Longoria saw a dress in the window she liked and wanted to wear it to a high profile event. “I’m telling you, if you were a fly on the wall during our conference calls you have enough to write about for 100 years,” Mahdessian laughs.

Madame Paulette’s business in the Hamptons is growing thanks to a large demographic out here who have expensive home furnishings that they want to last forever and to keep looking like new. “We maintain and preserve the integrity and value for some of the most expensive items in the world, so when you come to us it’s an investment in the item. In the Hamptons we offer constant care programs to maintain and preserve the beautiful home materials, textiles and furnishings year round, and can dispatch a team at any time to home within 24 hours.”

So who is Madame Paulette? Well the man behind running the company, Mahdessian, is a third generation owner of the family who founded it. The history of the company is interesting and rich. It started in the early 1950s when Noubar Mahdessian began working at his uncle’s dry cleaning business while attending school at night. An Armenian immigrant with determination to own a business, Mahdessian quickly learned the trade and found great satisfaction in his work. In just a few years, Mahdessian purchased Madame Paulette from his uncle. His wife, Ann, soon joined him at the Madame Paulette store and together they slowly increased business and developed a loyal following. Almost 30 years later, their son, John, made a last minute decision to turn down a high-powered Wall Street job so that he could run Madame Paulette. Mahdessian has always shared a passion for his family and their business and has expanded Madame Paulette’s services, advanced technology, and set his gaze on a bright future for the company that his parents had built.

Mahdessian has continued the vision of his family and it has worked, attracting the biggest names in the industry of fashion and handling the finest estates, offices, boats, planes and properties in the world.

Apparel houses such as Hermes, Carolina Herrera and Vera Wang use Madame Paulette. Corporations including Bergdorf Goodman and Trump International Hotel and Tower and high profile clients, including Anna Wintour, Kelly Ripa, Barbara Walters and Sting, all depend on Madame Paulette for superb care of their garments and interior home textiles. “Restoration is like surgery, we evaluate the entire situation. There are many situations where people come to us after going to others who have told them that they cannot restore their items and we are able to do it.”

Recently, the company was responsible for the cleaning and restoration of Saint Vartan Armenian Cathedral. Madame Paulette cleaned and restored the church’s vintage artifacts, including the furniture, rugs and carpets. They also specialized preparation and maintenance of Melania’s Christian Dior Couture wedding gown to insure perfection on the day of her wedding to Donald Trump at the Mar-a-Lago estate.

In the Hamptons, there really is no better of a fit for an organization like this. Sometimes, when your pride and joy of a garment needs altering or fixing, you need to bring it to the best and to the next level of service and tailoring. When you want the service from a trustworthy company to enter your home and keep it to your standards, need a concierge or driver, or just about anything when it comes to cleaning and maintaining perfection, Madame Paulette is a company to contact. You can call them at 212-838-6827 or you can visit their Web site at madamepaulette.com.