Closet Concierge

Madame Paulette Custom Couture Cleaners is proud to introduce Closet Concierge, the latest addition to our long list of customized services designed to please our discriminating clients.

Closet Concierge transforms a disorganized closet into a beautiful well maintained space allowing you fully navigate your closet and wardrobe. When Closet Concierge is finished, you will no longer be overwhelmed by clutter, and more importantly, you will no longer be faced with the anxiety that comes when you open your closet door!

Madame Paulette’s Closet Concierge takes closet organization to a whole new level by digitally cataloguing your wardrobe, archiving and preserving your pieces, and by storing your garments in our climate controlled vaults. Closet Concierge also handles all sorting, folding, and organizing, while implementing our wonderful space-saving techniques. We will even handle your charity items and mail you the receipt for your donation.

With every changing season, Closet Concierge offers a wardrobe rotation. Our professional and efficient organization specialists arrive to unpack the incoming season’s wardrobe (already cleaned and packed, of course) and pack up the outgoing season’s wardrobe for cleaning and storage until the next seasonal rotation.

Madame Paulette wants you to be able to fully utilize every piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Our consultant will evaluate every garment in your wardrobe with you, and discuss your options. From alterations to donations, we will take care of every detail. No matter how complicated the storage situation or whatever the wardrobe maintenance needs may be, Madame Paulette’s Closet Concierge will be there to meet your needs.

For further information, or to schedule an appointment to design a customized policy, please contact us at 1-347-689-7010.