Averting Disaster

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New York Magazine

February 1997

We’ve all heard wedding disaster stories. But if something should go wrong, it’s best to be in Manhattan, where an expert can be found in a New York minute.

Take the Texas oilman’s daughter who was being sewn into her wedding gown at a posh Midtown hotel just before having her wedding photos taken. The seamstress pricked her finger, bleeding on the silk fabric. Misguided efforts to clean up only made matters worse — and the ceremony was just an hour and a half away.

To the rescue: John Mahdessian President of Madame Paulette Dry Cleaners (1255 Second Ave., 838-6827) whose plant is a state-of-the-art dry cleaning facility, and is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. The plant removed the stain, refinished the gown, and the bride walked down the aisle in a spotless gown—on schedule.

Brides wondering what to do with their treasured gowns after the wedding can turn to Madame Paulette. For over 40 years, discriminating clients have entrusted their finest – including gowns designed by Vera Wang, Bill Blass, Bob Mackie, Scaasi, and Norma Kamali – to the experts in cleaning, preserving, and storing the finest garments in the world.

New York Post

Doing a last minute repair, a seamstress nicked herself and smeared blood down the front of a white satin wedding gown. After trying to fix it themselves and making it worse, the hotel called all the dry cleaners frantically. It was Saturday 5:30.

Madame Paulette Cleaners was closed, but John Mahdessian took the call and felt badly for the bride. He got the spots out and repressed the gown in a record 20 minutes. Just in time for wedding pictures at 6 p.m. Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

New York Observer

Don’t mess with your dress. Wedding gowns become family heirlooms – if they’re kept as perfectly pristine as the day the vows were exchanged. To ensure proper cleaning and preservation, trust only in a garment care specialist.

Madame Paulette preserves some of the finest garments in the world, including gowns by Bob Mackie and Vera Wang – who both use Madame Paulette exclusively. Like great couture houses in Europe, Madame Paulette uses only the finest materials and pays attention to the most minute detail. Before your gown is packed away for posterity, all stains and imperfections will be gone – it’ll be as stunning as it was the day you married.