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Did You Know About MP's Special Accessory Cleanings?

Madame Paulette is proud to extend its services to cleaning and restoring leather, suede, and other fine accessories. Our skilled leather artisans will make all your favorites accessories new again with our special techniques. For inquiries and price quotes on belts, purses, luggage, shoes and scarves, email photos of your items to AskTheExpert@MadamePaulette.com.

Louboutin Repair

repaired shoe heel

repaired shoe sole


repaired shoe soles

Shoe Reconstruction

Repaired shoes

New Heel Covers

Repaired Heels

LV All Leather Trim Replacements

Bag with Repaired Leather

LV New Lining

Sewing in new Lining process

Luggage-Panel Replaced

Panel Replace on luggage

Chanel Bag Refinished

Refinished bag

Heel Full Replacement

Before and after heel replaced

Chanel Tips Alteration

Shoes altered to be open toed

Puppy Attack

shoe fully repaired after damage