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Madame Paulette Develops New Stain Removal Kit For Consumer Use


March 2017

New York based Madame Paulette Custom Couture Cleaners, an internationally acclaimed leader and pioneer in the cleaning industry for over half a century, has developed a new and improved version, “M2V”, of their original patented professional stain removal kit for consumer use on a worldwide basis. “M2V” represent the new Mini 2nd Version of the original patented Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit. This kit has been acknowledged by the likes of Vogue, InStyle and many other magazines, and has garnered rave reviews! The “M2V” is smaller, easier to use, less expensive and has the most effective universal stain removal formula developed by the owner himself, John Mahdessian. Mr. Mahdessian, also known as the “Sultan of Stains” has made the science of removing any stain, anywhere, at any time, as easy as 1,2,3!!!

For over 55 years, Madame Paulette, a third generation family business, has been acclaimed as the pioneer and leader in couture cleaning, restoration and preservation in the world. Their clients are as diverse as the industries they cater to Madame Paulette consults and services renowned designers such as Vera Wang, Christian Dior, Versace and Fendi; interior designers such as Thierry Despont, Peter Marino and Victoria Hagan as well as revered institutions such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Radio City Music Hall, Sotheby’s International and Saks 5th Avenue to name a few. The world’s most famous cleaning establishment also maintains a most exclusive client base that includes the most discerning clientele – Including over 80 active Billionaires, Socialites, Dignitaries and Celebrities – who expect nothing but the very best!

The New Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit offers a newly developed professional cleaning formula that is safe on all fabrics, not  including leather, suede, and fur which is comprised of the most active cleaning agents which are both Earth Friendly and Biodegradable. This new formula is used by us when entrusted with the most precious and irreplaceable garments and textiles from around the globe. The stain kit was originally developed with the needs of the upscale traveler, hotel guest, and bride in mind but now everyone can use this anywhere, at any time; on a college campus, in a restaurant, on a plane or even in your automobile, anywhere that accidents happen. This is why everyone should have one in their pocket, glove box or handbag, where it would be readily available. The stain kit encompasses the two most important factors in stain removal: Time, which is the most important factor in stain removal along with the patented process of removing a stain properly in conjunction with the most effective stain formula(s) that will remove any stains, anytime, anywhere.

In each New Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit you will find enclosed in a small folder, slightly larger than box of matches, 3 foil sealed packets labeled STEP 1, STEP 2 and STEP 3. In the first packet, STEP 1 is a specially designed super absorbent cloth that is made to be placed under the stained area of a garment or textile, which will help absorb the stain when being treated making the stain removal process more effective. The second packet, STEP 2 is a waffle pattern cloth saturated in a special stain formula that will remove all stains from the three major stain groups, earth based stains like teas, coffee and liquors; protein based stains like blood, milk and perspiration; and all oil based stains (vegetable, mineral and petroleum oils) like cooking oil, hair gel and salad dressings. The last packet, STEP 3 is a special rinse formula that not only assists in the stain removal process but also ensures that no residues from the stain and or the stain formula are left in the fabric. So when it dries, you will never know that a stain was ever there! No other stain removal product on the market can do this!

The New Professional Stain Removal Kit is the ideal for  all consumers as a must-have “impulse buy” to have on hand or for special occasion so when that unexpected emergency happens this kit will come to your rescue. This kit will also save your garments any inconviences as so many people have discarded thier favorite garments due to that unwanted stain that wouldn’t come out! As time is your biggest enemy in stain removal we just gave you anecdote to remedy even the worst stains! Additional information can be printed on a card and inserted inside with the packets, or two die cut could be added to the outside to insert additional information or even your personal business card Madame Paulette welcomes the opportunity to give you the most comprehensive and easy to use Professional Stain Removal Kit in the world. This kit may even save you a trip to the cleaners!! The Madame Paulette New Professional Stain Removal Kit along with it’s patented process works unlike anything else out on the market…Guaranteed.

It’s time to keep the world spotless one stain at a time!!!